The need for medical assistance in third world countries is staggering… and the burden placed on mission doctors and health care providers is tremendous. To make matters worse, the extreme distance between those in need and those trying to provide assistance, is oftentimes the biggest obstacle. PAPA Missions works to alleviate that gap, all in the name of Jesus Christ.








To provide medical care to under served populations worldwide by establishing, supporting, and maintaining mission hospitals and by delivering aid to those in need and affected by disaster.


PAPA Missions stands for Physicians Aiding Physicians Abroad.  One might think that means that all they think about medicine, right?  Absolutely not!  The mission and reach of PAPA goes so far beyond just caring for the physical ailments of the suffering, although that is a huge purpose for its existence.  Think about this for a minute.

Physical ailments can take on so many forms beyond medical needs.  Loneliness, hunger, malnutrition, emotional pain, discouragement, loss of hope, and of course, spiritual needs.  Which of these needs would you think deserves the most attention?  Obviously, we would all probably say it’s the spiritual needs, and while there is certainly truth to that, I would challenge you to consider one thing.  When Jesus encountered need, what did He do first?  From my reading of the Word, it seems He was always meeting the physical needs first.  Why do you think that is?  Perhaps it’s because He knew that until a person’s physical needs were met, they might have difficulty receiving help for their spiritual needs.  Perhaps it’s because He understood something we seem to miss oftentimes, that before people care how much you know (about their spiritual condition), they need to know how much you care (about their “felt” needs).

The point is this.  The purpose and mission of PAPA Missions is broad and needs you, whether you’re a medical professional or someone who can’t stand the sight of blood.  Perhaps needles make you faint, but you’re a master with a nail and hammer.  Maybe you wouldn’t know a scalpel if it were right in front of you, but you can work magic with a spatula.  We all have gifts, talents, skills and passions that have their place in the grand scheme of things, each one fitting intricately into the puzzle board that is God’s master plan.

Where do you fit?  PAPA Missions would love to help you find out!  Without you, the final picture is incomplete.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Then do something about it.  Ask us about opportunities to serve.