PAPA continually works to raise awareness and funds for the work being done in Zimbabwe.  These funds not only help support the trips taken to serve at Karanda Mission Hospital, but also to feed the hospital’s employees and their families, as well as funding the hospital’s food distribution efforts, and education fund.

In 2010 PAPA Missions began work in Haiti while continuing to serve Zimbabwe, as well as work done in Cameroon.  We are excited about expanding opportunities to minister to the suffering, but we need your help in both financial and practical ways.  You can be a part in our efforts.  Would you consider what that part might be?  Every gift counts.

Click here to  online and help us purchase life saving medicines and essentials to thousands of destitute people in Africa and India.  If you have access to discount medical supplies, or would like to donate goods instead of money please write to us at or call 806-729-9061.


We are always seeking medical and non-medical volunteers for various trips.  We guarantee you will not return the same way you left.  It WILL change your life as you offer yourself in service to others.  Check our trip availability below!


Our Mission Trip Calendar


Below are the scheduled dates and availability for our upcoming trips. If you are interested in going on a trip, please click the link below to download our application form. Even if there aren’t any spots currently available, you can submit an application and and we will contact you when our next trip opens up.


There are no trips currently planned, but check back soon!