AIM currently has three weekly clinics and two monthly clinics. The clinics focus is in the three main areas of chronic condition maintenance, prenatal care, and a nutrition program for both children and families in need. In addition to those three main areas, general consults are given, comprised mostly of women and children.

The Guatemalans living in the town of Canilla, within the El Quiche Valley, have extremely limited medical care. The majority of the people living in that region are of Mayan decent and are considered to be second class citizens who are often denied the medical care they so desperately need because of their racial background.

In 2001, when our partners Duane and Nurse Leslie Fickers arrived in Canilla, this people group had almost no access to health care. This prompted the Fickers to open the current outpatient clinic, where Leslie acts as the only nurse and has very limited supplies and ability to treat. PAPA’s focus for this with AIM is the major population in Canilla, Guatemala that is not properly educated in preventative health. Specifically, there are very few vaccination programs for these people, and preventative healthcare knowledge is either non-existent or consists of cultural remedies that are not medically sound or helpful. In 2014 PAPA’s goal is to help with the construction of a new hospital and with a preventative healthcare initiative that provides education and vaccines to the Quiche Guatemalans.

  • Clinic: Adonai International Ministries
  • Location: Canilla, Guatemala
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